Work & School Accommodations 

Dysautonomia Support Network

This helpful resource guide was developed by professionals, to help families navigate the educational system and optimizing success for children with Dysautonomia, or related chronic condition. 

K - 12 Schools

Educating the Dysautonomia Student: An Introduction for Teachers and Other School Personnel (links to Dysautonomia Youth Network of America, also available as a PDF)

504 plans and IEPs

A very informative video on school accomidations for childrend with 504 plans and IEPs

Registered nurse and school health consultant, Suzanne Oró, gives a fantastic review of what parents of children with Chiari, syringomyelia, dysautonomia and other related disorders have to do in order to advocate for their child's education. This is a great "how-to" for the navigation of school advocacy. Learn the difference between a 504 plan, an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) and how the federal laws protect kids struggling in school because of disability and chronic illness. This lecture was given at the 2018 CSF unite@thehill advocacy and action weekend.

Higher Education (college, university)

DSN's Suggested Dysautonomia Accommodations in Higher Education PDF

Rights of Students with Disabilities in Higher Education (from Disability Rights California) PDF

Educating the Dysautonomia Student: Dysautonomia In The College Setting (links to Dysautonomia Youth Network of America, also available as a PDF)


DSN's Working with Dysautonomia PDF

Information on FMLA, work accommodations, and choosing a career

Accommodations by Profession

Nurses/Healthcare Workers with Disabilities (from the Job Accommodation Network) PDF

Accommodations by Condition

Dysautonomia:  Accommodation & Compliance for Heart Conditions including Dysautonomia (links to the Job Accommodation Network)

EDS:  Accommodation & Compliance for Ehlers-Danlos Syndromes (links to the Job Accommodation Network) and Accommodations to Consider PDF or DOC


(Information US Disability)

DSN Webinar:  Applying for Disability
Presented by DSN Board Member Jonathan Rodis, MBA, National Disability Advocate and Kathleen Kane, Esq., Disability Lawyer

Transcript from #DysSupportChat on Disability
In July's Twitter Chat, DSNNurseAdvocate is joined by Jon Rodis and Kathleen Kane and many of our members to discuss the process of applying for and obtaining disability benefits.

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