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October 30, 2018

This is going to be raw, deep, and I’ve held it in for so long, I need to tell it.

Two years ago I went “ghost” as my best friend calls it. She had just been through hell, she needed me, and I just fell of the radar. I wasn’t the friend that I should have been for her.  I was going through such a dark time emotionally and mentally. Instead of leanin...

September 25, 2018

Hope you all are well!! I’ve been busy with summer break and had a few health issues. Hopefully we’re heading in the right direction now!

For this post I wanted to do something different. My son is super excited to be a part of this!  He has such a heart of gold. He’s so compassionate, understanding and just amazing. He is a big help. When we go out...

So, I’m not sure any of you know but last year I signed on to be a Community Leader with Dysautonomia Support Network . This is so important to me.  I want to connect other patients and other caregivers. I want to work together and get doctors involved in learning more about dysautonomia. This is a passion of mine. This I do, for all of us, for you...

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