DSN Board of Directors

President - Brooke O'Shea

Brooke was drawn to Dysautonomia Support Network when her daughters were diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and one was diagnosed with POTS. DSN provided the information and support her family needed during that difficult time. Brooke’s family quickly became advocates for DSN and she joined the BOD in 2017. Brooke is an executive coach who is driven by a true passion to help leaders and teams cultivate their capabilities and unique strengths in order to lead with intention and realize professional and personal growth. With integrity, experience and a genuine desire to help people and organizations realize their full potential, Brooke has successfully collaborated with clients representing a variety of industries and cultures through the process of inspired, insight driven strategic change. Brooke has 20 plus years of experience in coaching, organization development and related human resource leadership roles. She is a CPA, holds Bachelor and Master degrees in Accounting from the University of Texas and holds a Masters Certificate in Organization Development from the University of Dallas Graduate School of Management. 

Vice President - Joanna Behm

Academic Fieldwork Coordinator/Senior Lecturer, Master of Occupational Therapy

Joanna lives in York, PA with her husband. She always felt "sick" as a child but around puberty, the symptoms got a lot worse and included pain, fainting, GI issues, and bad headaches. After 8 long years, she finally got diagnosed with Hyperadrenergic POTS, Mast Cell Activation Syndrome, and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. With the right medications and lifestyle adaptations she is trying to live her best life. Joanna enjoys helping to educate others and providing support to the newly diagnosed. 

Secretary - Jill Brook, M.A.

Jill is a nutritionist, statistician for several dysautonomia researchers, nutrition consultant to Dysautonomia Clinic, Research Advisor to the LDN Research Trust, and a long-time patient. After a 17-year diagnostic delay, she committed to helping others have an easier medical experience. She lives in Northern California with her husband and dog. Together they enjoy hiking and making DoodleThru dysautonomia cartoons to help promote awareness and laughter.

Director - Patricia Meegan

DPT, L, ATC & Clinical Director at Healy Physical Therapy


Patricia teaches and specializes in treating patients with connective tissue disorders, Chiari malformation, tethered cord, and dysautonomia. As a manual physical therapist, she focuses on correcting alignment and imbalance with gentle maneuvers and techniques that accommodate for connective tissue issues. Her skillful techniques and ability to assess her uniques patient population often enhances strengthening and maximizes the bodies natural ability to heal. 

Director - Kevin A. McGrail

For his day job, Kevin is the Director of Business Growth at InfraShield.com supporting cyber-physical security to assess, defend, recover and restore high-value, high-target systems.


In his volunteer work, Kevin helps at a number of organizations including Apache.org, KofC.org, ICISI.org & POAC-NoVA.org.  He also speaks & writes on security and privacy topics, advises SecurityUniversity.edu & Virtru.com & is a Google G-Suite Expert.

Director - Cathy Murdick

Cathy Murdick joined the DSN family as a member seeking support. She very soon saw that she could also help patients and their families find empowerment as they navigate their way through chronic illness journeys, and transitioned to a volunteer. As a mother of one daughter, she has a heart for helping others and enjoys the outreach that she is part of at DSN. Cathy also suffers from her own chronic, invisible illnesses and that has only strengthened the way she is able to help those she encounters. Having first hand knowledge and experience in these disorders allows her to share in DSN’s vision and mission statement. Cathy is a native Floridian and now lives in Northern Virginia with her husband and beloved daschund.

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