Fitness Club

We understand how challenging a healthy lifestyle can be for chronically ill patients. As such, we have created a space to overcome the struggle of keeping active.

The DSN Fitness Club is a place for patients with Dysautonomia, Connective Tissue Disorders, MCAD and Chiari Malformation to share resources, tips and encouragement to help each other reach short and long term fitness goals. Our motto is to NEVER GIVE UP on your goals! 

By adapting our fitness routine, being mindful about movement, building stamina slowly, and practicing new techniques; we can keep moving forward to achieve fitness and wellness.

In our DSN Fitness Club, we share ideas about what has worked well for us.  We work through our struggles together, and with guidance from your health care providers.  We aim to help each other to gain strength, improve symptoms, reduce fatigue, lose weight, and improve our overall health.