How to Get Started

Whether you’re newly diagnosed with dysautonomia or have had symptoms for years, it’s important to utilize all available resources to live your best life. At DSN, we’ve compiled our best suggestions on how to go from barely surviving to thriving. The following checklist can be used as a roadmap to guide you in learning more about dysautonomia and symptom management, getting connected to a community who understands you, and spreading awareness about this underdiagnosed and underrecognized condition.

Find knowledgeable and patient-recommended medical providers in your area by using our Medical Provider Directory.

Check out our resources pages for information on medical management and lifestyle management techniques

Join a Facebook community group to connect with others who have similar experiences and can share information and tips and tricks learned along the way.

Connect with us on our social media sites and share our content to build awareness in your own communities:

When you’re ready, get involved with Dysautonomia Support Network as a volunteer, consultant, donor, or fundraiser.

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