Lifestyle Clubs

Our Lifestyle Clubs unite and bring joy to members through participation in and discussion of common interests. These clubs are a place for members to learn, share, and develop interests and talents with others who understand the challenges of pursuing your passions and goals with a chronic condition. 

Book Club

The book club is meant to inspire, enlighten, and enable us to overcome the unique challenges we face with chronic illness through exploration of a variety of books that bring out our inner strength and keep us moving forward. Each book will have a different topic and message. Some will be directly addressing living with chronic illness or overcoming adversity with grace. All selections will be available in print, online and most will be available at local libraries so this can be accessible and affordable for all. We will have weekly chapter discussions in this forum for the book of the month. We will even be having authors guest host our live chat sessions from time to time! No experience is necessary and you can opt in and out of each book as your interest and time allows. 

Creatives Club

Creative outlets can be a way to be express yourself through a work of beauty, despite physical limitations. It can also provide a distraction to help you cope with symptoms, act as a therapeutic form of stress relief, or even a way to spread awareness about your condition. This club is a space for the discussing, sharing, encouraging, and learning all sorts of creative expression - drawing, painting, crafting, photography, singing, dancing, performing, composing, playing music, writing, and any other creative outlet you can dream up.


Gamers Club

Gaming can be a way to connect with others when your illness keeps you homebound or an activity you can confidently still do when physical activity is limited. Games can provide a distraction to cope with symptoms or act as a form of stress relief, and are just plain fun! This club is a space for the discussion, sharing, playing, and competing in games of all kinds! This includes PC and gaming consoles, as well as board games, card games, word games, tabletop games, and roleplaying games including LARPs.


Wellness Club

The Wellness Club is a good pace to discuss fitness, cooking, and mindfulness. Symptoms can cause us to struggle with exercise intolerance, deconditioning, nutrition, and mental health. This club provides a space to explore these struggles, learn, share, and discover new ways to move towards a healthier and happier lifestyle together as a community. 

This is a great place to discuss your fitness goals and adapted exercises. Our members also enjoy discussing nutrition and cooking, whether you are baking cookies to relax or seeking recipes to help cope with newfound dietary restrictions. Our health can sometime weigh on our minds, so we like to share mindfulness tips with each other. Please remember, this group is not intended to be medical advice. Please address dietary, exercise, and  mental health concerns with your physician.

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