Meme Contest!

Who can create the best meme about autonomic illnesses or invisible illnesses?  
"Who can make the best meme about dysautonomia? Maybe you!" above a dinosaur thinking.
  • You make a unique meme about dysautonomia, invisible illnesses, or a related topic. 

  • Make and send as many memes as you'd like!

  • In October, DSN will post all the memes on our public facebook page so the public can vote for the one they like the best.

  • If your meme wins, you’ll receive a DSN prize pack! 

Here’s how it works!

Any memes that you submit to the DSN Meme Contest can’t be posted by anyone other than DSN before November 1.


When you email us your meme, be sure to include your full name as well as the name you use on facebook.

Please read the rules for more information and details on the contest. Rules are immediately below and in PDF format at this link

Some things to know....

DSN Meme Contest Rules

  • All memes must include the text

  • Please keep language, graphics, and topics “PG-13”.

  • No memes with “adult content” (e.g. depictions of or references to sex or sexist language); no memes that are crude, violent, mean-spirited, or contentious.

  • Memes should have fewer than 100 words.

  • Memes must be submitted in graphic format like GIF, JPG, or PNG format.

  • Meme text must be English or include a translation into English.

  • All work must be free of copyright issues.

  • If memes are a group effort, one person must enter as the creator and only that one person is eligible to win.

  • Duplicate memes will not be accepted.

  • Multiple unique submissions are allowed (and encouraged!).

  • You must include your full name and your name as it appears on facebook in your email when you submit your meme(s). If we do not have this information, you may forfeit your eligibility to participate in this contest and/or to receive prizes or recognition associated with the contest.

  • Contestants must live in the continental US to be eligible to receive prizes associated with the contest.

  • Memes must be received by by 11:59 PM EST on 09/30/2016 to be considered eligible for the contest.

  • DSN reserves the right for sole distribution of all submitted memes until November 2, 2016. If a meme is posted on any social media platform or website by anyone other than DSN before 11:59 PM EST November 1, 2016, it will disqualify that meme from the contest and may make the contestant ineligible to receive prizes or recognition associated with the contest.

  • By submitting your qualifying meme, you agree to all of the rules of the contest.