We celebrate the remarkable patients, advocates/leaders, researchers, and health care providers that have made a difference within the lives of those with dysautonomia, connective tissue disorders, Chiari Malformation, gastroparesis, and mast cell disorders.

Now is the time for your voice to be heard as we recognize all the remarkable individuals who have touched our hearts and our lives. The Patient’s Choice Awards will recognize and honor the extraordinary patients, advocates/leaders, researchers, and health care providers for their service to those affected by all forms of dysautonomia and related conditions.


  • Nomination period Feb 10th - March 10th, 2019

  • Voting March 15th - April 15th, 2019

  • Live Awards Show May 4th, 2019

    • Hilton Garden Inn Rockville-Gaithersburg, MD

Living with one or more chronic illness is difficult. It develops a resiliency within some patients that transforms them into warriors. Their spirit to endure allows them to keep pressing forward each and every day proving that they are stronger than they ever imagined. Their creative ingenuity allows them to adapt and not only survive, but thrive and be the light for others who are struggling. We see and honor these phenomenal patients!


We recognize the selfless service of our advocates and leaders. Their tireless and relentless work helps to increase awareness and promote advocacy. Their desire to mentor, creatively collaborate, and propel us into new frontiers greatly impacts the quality of life of our members and leads to further advancement of our cause.

Health Care Providers

Health care providers are one of the most influential professional relationships in the lives of patients with chronic illness. Their ability to see us at our worst and work to bring us to our best often goes unnoticed. We recognize the outstanding medical professionals, from all fields, whose steadfast compassion and care results in the improvement of patient’s mind, body and spirit.


We stand upon the shoulders of the work of those who have come before, paving the way for greater advancements in research and understanding the link between dysautonomia and its related conditions. The Patient’s Choice Awards look to recognize the individuals and institutions whose research offers validation, understanding, and hope for patients with rare and rarely diagnosed disorders.


Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Do I have to fill out every category?

    1. No, you do not have to fill out every category. Simply leave the category blank and move on to the next section. Be sure to finally submit the form at the end for it to be counted!

  2. Do I have to fill out the entire form in one sitting?

    1. While you have to go to the end of the form to finally submit, you do not have to complete the form in one sitting. At the beginning of the nomination form select which category you would like to submit nominations for and click “next”. You will be taken to that section. Remember to submit your answers at the end or they will not be saved!

  3. How can I go back and edit my nominations or finish my nominations?

    1. When you submit your nominations, you will be send an email with your responses. By following the link provided in the email, you can go back and edit your responses or fill out another category.

  4. Can I nominate someone posthumously?

    1. Yes, you certainly can! We will need the contact information for the family though.

  5. Can I nominate the same person in more than one category? Can they ultimately win more than one award?

    1. Yes, you can nominate the same person for more than one category and they are able to win more than one award if the people decide!

  6. Can I nominate a practice or group instead of an individual person?

    1. Yes, you can nominate a practice or group instead of an individual person for categories in advocates/leaders, researchers, and health care providers.

  7. Can I nominate myself?

    1. We do not recommend that people nominate themselves. It is not in the keeping of the spirit of the awards for being the patient’s choice! Thank you for honoring the awards intentions.

  8. What kind of contact information is needed for the person I nominate?

    1. We will need contact information such as email or phone number in order to get in touch with them.

  9. Does the person I nominate have to be present at the awards ceremony in order to win the award?

    1. While we would love for those who are nominated to be able to attend, it is not a requirement. They do not have to be present to win the award. We realize that not everyone nominated will have the ability to attend, and we do not want to limit the award to only those who can make it. We can work with the individuals who are nominated and win to allow them to have an acceptance speech and acknowledge their contributions.