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Marisa is our DSN Superhero of the Month!

Starting in September, DSN will feature one of our volunteers as a Superhero of the Month. These superheroes are kind enough to share their “spoons” to help organize local support meetings, gather and share state specific resources for dysautonomia patients, help with outreach to local doctors and other healthcare professionals, and so much more.

This month’s superhero is Marisa Bergfield. Marisa volunteers for DSN as a Co-leader for the Hampton Roads Virginia Chapter, as a Regional Coordinator, and recently joined our Board of Directors as Secretary. Marisa also works as a Practice Manager of a therapy office. She is a native of Virginia, has two “fur-babies” (her cats), and is getting married in October!

Marisa has recently been diagnosed with EDS, Dysautonomia, POTS, and Peripheral Small Fiber Neuropathy. Although she’s had health problems her entire life, she is still looking for answers and knows she is now on the right path.

Marisa’s experience with illness has changed her. “I know much more about myself now than I did before my diagnosis. I am learning to be my own advocate and to know listen to my needs, which is something I previously ignored. This is teaching me to accept limitations and how to ask for help.”

Marisa volunteers with the Dysautonomia Support Network because “DSN helped me through my diagnosis and I was looking for a way to reach out to others in my area who suffer from Dysautonomia. This can be a very long and lonely journey and my goal is to help make it easier for others through DSN.”

In closing Marisa says “I'm really thankful that this group came into my life when it did and I can't wait to see the change in my community.”

We’re thankful you came to DSN Marisa! Your assistance is so important in helping DSN to grow and reach more patients, family and friends, and health care providers to make life better for all of us living with dysautonomia.

Photo of Marisa.

[Photo: Marisa Bergfield. Credit: Gregory Hodges]

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