• Hannah Waldron

The Revelation of a Daisy


A daisy pops out of the damp, brown earth

Although tiny and fragile, she proudly stands

White pedals and a yellow flower head

Just a hill away from hot ocean sand

The daisy faces the powerful, bright sun

And stretches her leaves toward the rays

Trying her best to grow and become beautiful

Until the day when it begins to storm and rain

Rain pours down onto the ocean side grass

Dropping cold bullets onto her still delicate frame

Her tiny, green leaves begin to flee the rain

It’s almost turned into a dangerous hurricane

The daisy realizes her leaves are no longer there

As her petals begin to struggle to remain here

She begins to scream out for her petals to come back

Now she is all alone and filled with terrible fear

The daisy pleas for the once vibrant petals to stay

She doesn’t want to be so scared and all alone

She begins to fear this will be her frightening end

As her scared leaves are so far from home

Something happens just at the moment of her despair

The cold rain dissipates and grey clouds clear

The daisy realizes that she has survived

And can let go on her horrible, probable fear

She realizes that her once trusty leaves are gone

She may never have a future with her trusty friends

But, she realizes that she has new friends poking at her stem

She realizes that her future is no longer at the end

These tiny leaves give her some wonderful news

They say: “oh, we were there with you through the rain

Your leaf friends would never leave you here alone

We are here to help you end the deep emotional pain”

She then realizes that she had friends all along

Who were never really that far behind

She smiles to herself and she warms up in the sun

She looks up at the sun and realizes, she can still shine

Even though her leaf friends knew they wouldn’t survive

They really cared for her, they have greatly shown

She pays a tribute to the friends she lost

She realized that she was never truly alone

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