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DSN's "ABC's of Living with Dysautonomia": Words of Wisdom

Editor: Reanna Mathis

This past week in our global community I ran a fun post asking for alphabetical words of wisdom; in reference to life with dysautonomia and its related conditions. It was a big hit and we gained some collective insight. We thought it would be a good idea to have this somewhere so that others could benefit from it. We present our "ABC's of Living with Dysautonomia".

Accept the things you cannot change and change the things you can. ~Reanna M. Be the best you can be, even if it is not who you want to be at that moment. ~Hannah W. Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family. Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one. ~Tiffany T. Delegate tasks to reserve energy. ~Sabrina B. Empower each other by sharing your journey. ~Kim E. Feel proud of yourself despite your struggles. You are strong and have much to be proud of. ~Sarah W. Go to bat for yourself & others with chronic illnesses. ~Margie C. Happy dances. As many as your body will allow. ~Reanna M. Inhale. Exhale. Sometimes that is all you need to do, even if just for a moment between tasks and responsibilities. ~Sarah W. JUST DO IT & Believe in yourself! ~Britney B. Keep going. You've got this. ~Kim E. Live, Love, Laugh! ~Laura G. More self care, less worrying about what others think. ~Jamie S. Not resisting is not a defeat. It is just pressing forward with the new me. ~Scott T. One day (or hour, or minute or moment) at a time. ~Lauren B. Prepare your outfit and medications in afternoon so in the morning everything is in one place. ~Maggie S. Quit stressing the small stuff, that just wastes your spoons. ~Kristin C. Remember to take care of yourself first. Don't worry if you have to bail on something. It's not worth the consequences to overexert your body. ~Antoinette T. Stay positive. ~Michael B. Talk to other patients with your illness! You can gain incredible insight, ideas, and feel less alone. ~Rowan I. Under all of our symptoms there is us, but through our symptoms is a truly stronger us. ~Scott T. VOLUNTEERING can give one a sense of worth and enrichment when physical abilities are greatly limited and one is no-longer able to work. ~Bettemarie B. Who you are is not defined by what you can (or can't) do. ~Sarah W. Xcellent care can be received when medical professionals are knowledgeable about dysautonomia. Spreading awareness and educating specialists is vital so the number of medical professionals able to adequately treat and provide therapy to those of us with autonomic dysfunction is eXpanded all around the country and worldwide. ~Bettemarie B. You are more than your diagnosis. ~Sarah W. Zebras are extra special and amazing! 😜 ~Reanna M.

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