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DSN Weigh In- Tips and Activities for Bedridden Days

Everyone of us has had really bad, symptomatic days where even getting out of bed can be a challenge. There are also the surgeries that always take extra time to heal from because our body does not want to play nice. Being stuck in bed can be boring, lonely and isolating. However, many of us living with Dysautonomia, EDS, Chiari, MCAD, Gastroparesis and all of those other comorbidities that are along for the ride, we have become very adept at making those days easier. This week’s “Weigh in Wednesday with Divas and Dudes” is on “Best Activities to Do While Stuck in Bed”. DSN members really outdid themselves with this list! It has a ton of great ideas to keep your hands and mind occupied as you recuperate. There are a few overlapping activities we all seem to enjoy, Netflix Facebook, reading or arts and crafts but this list had bound to have something on it new for you to try the next time you are stuck in bed. - Reanna Mathis

  • Stephanie H- listening to audio books

  • Allison R -coloring!

  • Kimberly H- binge watching TV shows on Netflix!

  • Scott T- reading and YouTube.

  • Lorra B.- adult coloring books, puzzles ,books, no sew blankets and painting. Those are just a few of my favorite on hand for times like those and for the just blah days.

  • Sarah W.- Word games - electronic, on paper, out loud, and in books.

  • Allison K.- knitting, Netflix, Facebook

  • Britt M. the internet, reading stories, etc. Coloring. Listening to music.

  • Mariah M.- Netflix, Facebook, Minecraft

  • Kelly M.- meditation, Netflix, reading, words with friends, oil diffusing.

  • Jamie P.- A fish tank by the bed can be a welcome relaxation inducer that I highly recommend. Even a 2-5 gallon betta tank can be amazing to watch.

  • Jennifer G.- binge watch Netflix. Do word puzzles, arts and crafts, and study.

  • Jacque S.- podcasts, adventure games on my iPad.

  • Melissa B.- I’m puzzling my way through the seasons

  • Molly M.- video games and YouTube

  • Michele D.- I watch ASMR videos on Instagram and YouTube, especially when I have a migraine.

  • Christine T. audiobooks, podcasts, and guided meditation. Basically any audio based stuff. When I've been bedridden, I usually don't have energy to write or watch stuff.

  • Tessan B. - bullet journal (also practical and tracking pain/symptoms), knitting, crochet PlayStation/Xbox, board games (if you’re not alone), learning new language/skill

  • Missy S. laptop/tablet, coloring by numbers, magazines and a remote.

  • Jennifer W.- coloring, naps, movies, crochet, crosswords.

  • Heather C.- reading, crochet, Facebook, games on phone, binge watching tv, Netflix, Hulu, or CBS.

  • Jessica M.- puzzles (on a tray table)

  • Jessica K.- meditation apps

  • Renae H.- reading, writing, studying, drawing, painting, sewing, puzzles of any kind and of course movies

  • Emily R.- mini manicures, sudoku, Netflix, podcast

  • Zoila M.- Netflix, Youtube, crosswords, beading, painting.

  • Caitlin S.- World of Warcraft or Sims 4 on my laptop.

  • Kelli C.- I actually could not concentrate long enough to watch a movie when I was recovering from major surgery so I watched a lot of TV sitcoms. I also read a lot on the internet, played crossword type games and Sudoku. I also spent a lot of time listening to music with headphones to distract me from the pain

  • Melissa G-Volunteering with DSN of course!

  • Kali N.- I would binge watch cooking shows, like Cutthroat Kitchen and Chopped

  • Hannah G.- I used to play games and while away the time that way. Now I do survey sites on my phone when I’m stuck in bed and earn a bit of money.

  • Debbie E-binge watching Game of Thrones

  • Jamie S.- sleep (if only!).

  • Mary G.- Sudoku. To see if my brain is still working in any way!

  • Beth M.- I'm looking at free courses on Coursera lately. Some look really interesting!

  • Benjamin C.- crossword app, card pairs/memory app and an app to help keep your mental speed up!

  • Missy M.- I paint when I’m stuck in bed.

  • Tiffany T.- I listen to music and of course Facebook

  • Hannah W.- I listen to music, color, and (obviously) write poetry

  • Alexandra R-podcasts, audiobooks, reading (DSN Book Club)

  • Rebecca W.- TV, Sudoku, logic puzzles, journaling, reading, FB, Instagram, writing, cat-petting, planning, writing cards or sending texts to friends, drawing.

  • Jocelyn D.- Voissem sudoku, crossword puzzles, reading

  • Michelle O.- Karaoke

  • Emi M.- Knitting, adult (or kid) coloring books, volunteering for DSN ;) and binge watching all kinds of different show!

  • Meena H.- I taught myself how to code when I couldn't make it into work!

  • S Liza S.- good movies, drawing....Facebooking.

  • Rachel M.- volunteering with DSN! Also, Netflix, YouTube, coloring, and playing mobile games like Hay Day.

  • Debbie R.- reading

So there you have it, folks. I hope the next time you find yourself stuck in bed and are tired of your same old activities, you will consider some of the insight from DSN Members!

Check back every Wednesday for our DSN Weigh In! Keep checking in our Global Community to respond to our next topic.

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