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Reducing Stress and Anxiety - DDZ Weigh-In Wednesday

Chronic illnesses have a tendency to create stress and anxiety. Whether the anxiety is new or a result of your illness, you have to find a solution. Maybe you forgot to take your medications, or accidentally took it twice. Perhaps you’re dealing with an unexpected ER visit, surgery, or other medical procedures. Sometimes, finances alone are more than enough to set you off. Life is stressful, and we all experience anxiety. But it is particularly tough on those who already struggle with their health. We are asking our members how they reduce stress and anxiety in the hopes that their ideas might help others.

What are some ways that you reduce stress and anxiety?

Jo G. - “Knitting.”

Valeria R. - “By practicing aerial skills, running, or just meditating; drawing or reading, lying on the floor listening to classical music or empowering songs if I feel like screaming. Anything that can take my mind off of my anxiety or stress.”

Hannah W. - “Writing.”

Missy M. - “Painting pictures.”

Allison R. - “Sitting outside in the sunshine with bare feet on the grass. It is grounding. The breezes make me happy.”

Leah B. - “Prayer and meditation.”

Cathy C. - “Crocheting! It makes me happy to create things with my hands and my yarn. Also fishing and hunting. Just being out in the sunshine is nice, and of course my grandsons always make me smile and gives me hope!”

Amanda L. - “I usually lay down in my bed and play Minecraft. I hold this game near and dear to my heart, because my son was the one that got me into it. So whenever I play Minecraft, I feel close to my kids. And they even play with me, so it makes me really happy to be able to play it with them.”

Jamie S. - “Cuddling with my cats. Being in nature especially on a sunny day. Dancing.”

Angie N. - “If I can’t pinpoint the issue, I put myself in a time out by shutting off my phone and TV. I rest, read a book, or take a bath. Sometimes I crawl in bed and watch a movie.”

Farina L. - “Meditation tends to help me the most these days.”

Amanda G. - “The thing that helps me most is a Bible promise I found where God said His strength is sufficient for our weakness. That encourages me a lot, and I talk to God about it when I feel as though life is overwhelming and I am not capable of doing it all in my own.”

Jess A. - “Grounding and stretching.”

Sarah C. - “I started seeing a therapist.”

Brenda F. - “I have several things that I do. 1) Paint . . . insert plug for the DSN Artists group! 2) Study scripture - lately through the Proverbs 31 app, because I need guidance. 3) Counseling! If all of that doesn't work, then it is a nap and a day with the puppy.”

Elizabeth K. - “I find that doing some sort of art activity helps me a lot. I love traditional mediums, but often don’t feel up to sitting for that long. So I also work digitally and sometimes mix the two (sketch digitally, print, and finish traditionally). The art doesn’t have to be anything amazing . . . just helps me to recenter and focus on creating something.”

Holly G. - “I have a counselor who helps when things get bad. For the day to day, I use mindfulness moments, dark chocolate, lots of music, and time away from everyone so I can just ‘be.’ ”

Cathy C. - “Prayer and crocheting along with spending time with my sweet little grandsons.”

Kristin C. - “Drinking hot tea helps me calm down. It forces me to slow down.”

Donna M. - “Ditto art. Sketching, painting, experimenting with different techniques. I also write a little. A few poems, a song, and my memoirs. And I like to try to help people if I can.”

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