Obtaining a Proclamation

Having a town, city, or state government official issue a proclamation for your condition’s awareness month easier than you might think! This page explains the simple step-by-step process of requesting a proclamation by mail.

Requesting the Proclamation

1. Contact the Education and Awareness Team at Dysautonomia Support Network by sending an email to educationteam@dysautonomiasupport.org to let us know from which town, city, county, and/or state government you plan to request a proclamation. 

If there is another volunteer already working on the local or state government you selected, we can connect you with each other so you can work together to increase awareness efforts in your area or work on different local government proclamations.


2. Check out the “DSN State Contacts for Proclamations” to determine how to submit requests for your state government. 


Requests for statewide proclamations are made to the governor of that state.  For many states, a simple request for a proclamation is all that is required and often this can be done by filling out an online form. Each state has slightly different time frames or ways to request a proclamation so be sure to look into the particulars.

Left: Dysautonomia Awareness Month Proclamation.  Right:  DSN member and government official.



3.  Contact your hometown and county elected officials.  


Contact your city, county, and local officials to determine their procedures for obtaining a proclamation. Asking to speak to the clerk in the local government office is a great place to start. Oftentimes visiting their website will provide you with specifics or even give an email contact for further inquiries. When calling, be prepared to provide information about the impact of the condition on you and your community,


Questions you can ask:

  • Will you be able to help me obtain a proclamation?

  • Can you tell me the process for being granted a proclamation this year?

  • Would it be helpful for me to submit a sample proclamation?

  • How should I submit the proclamation request: hard copy, electronic version, or both?

  • How will the proclamation be delivered? Will there be a ceremony for the signing or reading of the proclamation?

  • Do you have a dedicated contact within the press so as to allow for media coverage of the proclamation? And can you put me in touch with this contact?

4. Prepare the required documents to request the proclamation.


Once you have all the necessary information of what is required, it’s time to prepare your documents. Write your cover letter, drafted from the condition-specific letters below if you choose. Be sure to include your personal connection and why this is important to you. 

Please visit the "Supporting Documents" page to view samples of condition-specific letters and documents.

5. Submit your cover letter and draft proclamation to the state or local government office in the format required by that office.


Politeness and persistence will pay off. Follow up on the status of your proclamation about a week to ten business days after submission.

6. Share your proclamation.

Once you have successfully obtained your proclamation, you can find resources for announcing it and sharing it with the local community and the media on our "Sharing a Proclamation" page.

Post Boxes, one open and full of mail.
Receiving the Proclamation


Congratulations, you obtained a proclamation to raise awareness for dysautonomia and its related conditions! It’s time to celebrate and get ready to receive it! Some governments will send the proclamation in the mail, have you come in to pick it up, or will hold a ceremony to issue the proclamation.


1. Receiving the Proclamation in the Mail


If your government sends the proclamation in the mail, let DSN know when you receive it. You can take some pictures of yourself with the proclamation and the proclamation itself to share with others. Be sure to fill out the Photo Release and have everyone in the picture sign it. Consider hosting a local gathering to celebrate the issuing of the proclamation with others in your community. Many restaurants will even do a fundraising event, which can additionally raise awareness and funds. Contact the Fundraising Team at fundraising@dysautonomiasupport.org for more information on setting up a local event. 

2. Picking up the Proclamation 


If you are going to pick up the signed proclamation make an appointment to pick it up once it is officially signed. It is a good idea to dress professionally when visiting the office. Be sure to thank the individuals who give you the proclamation. 


3. Receiving the Proclamation at a Ceremony/Official Meeting


Some government officials will present the proclamation at an official meeting or in a proclamation signing ceremony. Be sure to ask when requesting the proclamation if this is an option and determine if you would be willing and able to attend. If your elected official will present the proclamation to you, you may be asked to speak and share a little about yourself and the condition. They might also take photos. Remember to take and submit photos for a local newspaper to promote the awareness month and to share with our community online. Be sure to fill out the Photo Release and have everyone in the picture sign for DSN for any pictures shared with us. 

If you do not live close enough or are otherwise unable to go to pick up the proclamation or receive it at a ceremony, especially for a state ceremony, please contact education@dysautonomiasupport.org. We can then work with volunteers to find someone who would be able to attend.