Ode to Acceptance of You, My Illness

January 22, 2018


There are days I feel I can't,

 But that's when I hear, "Fight, Fight! FIGHT!


There are days I feel my body won't,

And sometimes biding is my companion quietly saying,

“Rest and abide dear."


When time, energy, money, is in short supply,

My Titanic beckons


"This ship is going down." 


But then the sun comes out anew

A fresh spring breeze beckons

Sighing out the long winter

A giggle from a daughter falls like glad raindrops

A hug from a son more anchoring than any mighty Sequoia. 


And the truth rings out all the clearer,


We aren't meant to get out alive but celebrate the in between

Celebrate the in between!

Celebrate this space

This time with our loved ones where we are meant to live!

I am their rock and their foundation.

And so get your pom poms out cause here I go cheering

"Fight! Fight! FIGHT!!!"


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