Weigh in Wednesday-Holiday Gifts

December 12, 2018




It’s the holiday season and we all know what that means; Holiday Version of our Weigh in Wednesday Series!  At first, it may be hard to think of a what to get the dys-zebra in your life, so we asked our members themselves and brought the answers straight to you! If you’re looking for a gift for your favorite Dys-Diva or Dude, here is a list of 20 things to chose from that would make anyone with a chronic illness “jump” for joy this holiday!


1.                Super soft/sensory socks or PJs to snuggle our freezing limbs

2.                Gift certificate for a massage, because who doesn’t need one?

3.                Gift certificates to restaurants that offer delivery services for those days that it’s too hard to get out of                     bed

4.                Wedge or body pillows to help with a full night's’ rest

5.                Compression stockings and socks are always a safe stocking stuffer. Just don’t stuff the compression                        stockings

6.                 Heated blanket for the diva or dude that’s always cold

7.                 A coupon for home cleaning services, let them get the rest without the guilt

8.                 A shower chair can be really helpful 

9.                 Essential oils to give them that extra boost

10.               POTSIES spend a lot of time in their rooms or beds, a new bed set would spice things up

11.               Video games to help distract us and keep our reflexes active

12.               Share your favorite book with them to pass the time

13.               Heating pads are essential in Dysautonomia community and you can never have too many

14.               If you really want to get fancy brighten up their winter with electric socks

15.               Craft supplies for when staying  inside is our only option

16.               Self care kit; bath bombs, lotions, skin products, coloring books and markers

17.               Weighted blankets to de-stress

18.               Crock Pots so they only have to get up once to cook and maintain independence

19.               Cute loungewear. Anything comfy, that can make dragging yourself around your home look cute is                           always a win

20.               Epsom salts are a great way to relieve pain induce and relaxation


We hope that this has given you some great ideas for the people in your life who suffer with chronic illness.  We also want to mention that Dysautonomia Support Network has some great T-Shirts available on our website. They are a great way to be comfortable while spreading awareness.  Also, check out our Dysautonomia and EDS gift shop for items that not only help our patients and artists make a living but also gives back to DSN! It's a win-win!


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