Southwest Region Provider Directory

We are thrilled to share our Medical Providers Directory - a directory of medical providers from various medical specialties, therapies, and integrative modalities that may be beneficial to those with dysautonomia, and co-morbid conditions. This directory is compiled using patient recommendations. If you have a provider who has been helpful with your condition please consider sharing their information using the button below. 

The providers’ information can be viewed via the Directory Map or the Directory Spreadsheet. Both tools have the same information and are viewable for free. Please use whichever method is most convenient for you. You may navigate to the directories for other regions from the main Medical Provider Directory page.

Directory Map

To view provider information by location on a map, please use DSN’s Provider Directory Map by clicking on the button below. 

Map Directions:


You may use the map using the navigation pane on the left side of the window, once it loads in the new tab. Please select or deselect the checkbox next to the state names to hide/show them on the map. You may expand/hide the list of specialists' names by clicking the expand arrow under the checkbox.


You may also use the search bar at the top of the window to search the directory for any name, specialty, or keyword you are interested in in this region. When using the search bar, please note that all specialties in the database are listed by department names and not doctor titles. If you search for doctor titles the database will show no results. This means that you cannot search for “surgeon” and instead should search for “Surgery”. Other examples include “Cardiology” instead of “cardiologist”, “Rheumatology” instead of “Rheumatologist”, and so on.

Directory Spreadsheet

To view provider information via our Directory Spreadsheet please click the button below to open a new tab with the searchable spreadsheet.




You can use the spreadsheet to search for providers within your state. Simply select your state from the sheets at the bottom of the screen to bring up the providers in that location. You can click on the downward pointed triangle in each of the column labels to help filter results based on your needs.


You may also use "Find" to search the directory for any name, specialty, or keyword you are interested in in this region. To open "Find" please press CTRL and F (CMD and F on a Mac) on your keyboard at the same time.

DISCLAIMER:  Dysautonomia Support Network does not officially endorse or recommend any providers on this list. Please always remember to research each provider's experience, background, and health insurances accepted before making your first appointment.