Volunteer with DSN

Getting involved with DSN is a great way to stay engaged, use your skills and stay focused on something positive!

There are two different ways to get involved with DSN: volunteering or consulting.  Both volunteers and consultants share their skills and their time with the organization and are asked to work on average 3-5 hours per working week.

Volunteers are patients or caregivers, and there are many ways to get involved as a volunteer, even from your couch!   Volunteers work with members of our Facebook Communities and Lifestyle Clubs on a consistent weekly basis.  The purpose of Volunteers is to focus on relationship-building, raising awareness, and helping to uphold the community standards of DSN and ensure the safety of all members and the organization is protected at all times.

Consultants, on the other hand, are students or professionals in their fields, who may or may not be patients or caregivers.  Consultants work primarily with the Education and Awareness Team on a project-by-project basis.  The purpose of these consultants is to:  curate and create educational content and resources related to understanding dysautonomia in all its various forms; empower each other, as individuals and as a community, to use this education as a means to shift from just surviving to thriving; and to raise awareness of dysautonomia in the medical and local community so that it creates better understanding and acceptance of these rare and rarely known disorders.

If you are unsure about getting involved, we encourage you to reach out.  We provide all the training and support you need to be successful in either role!

You can find more information below: 

DSN Volunteers

Here are some of the Volunteer roles we are seeking:

  • Graphic Designers for posts in our virtual communities

  • Facebook Community Moderators & Engagers

  • Lifestyle Club Moderators and Engagers

  • Virtual Support Group Meeting & Virtual Event Hosts

  • Fundraiser Hosts


Fill out a Volunteer Application to get started as a DSN Volunteer:

DSN Consultants

Here are some of the Consultant roles we are seeking:

  • Healthcare Professionals 

    • ​MDs/DOs/Medical Students 

    • Registered Nurses/Advanced Practice Registered Nurses in various fields but with experience in research, education, community health/outreach 

    • Physician Assistants/Nurse Practitioners 

    • Physical Therapists 

    • Occupational Therapists 

    • Respiratory Therapists 

    • Pharmacists

    • Psychologist/Counselor/Mental Health Professionals

    • Speech-Language Pathologists

    • Nutritionists/Registered Dieticians

    • Social Workers 


  • Educators

    • K-12 Teachers

    • Special Education Teachers

    • Instructors in Higher Education

    • Administrators/Staff in K-12 or Higher Education

    • IEP Coordinators

    • Disability Coordinators

  • College Students & Student Interns

  • Graphic Designers, Layout Designers, and Publishers 

  • Data Workers

  • Social Media Managers


Fill out a Consultant Application to get started as a DSN Consultant: