One of the most important ways an individual can manage forms of dysautonomia is through education.
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Becoming an informed patient and consumer of the healthcare industry will help you navigate through all the complexities that can come with managing your dysautonomia.

While we have made strides in recognizing and managing dysautonomia over the years, we still have a way to go before all medical providers can effectively recognize and manage it.

Patients need to educate themselves about their condition(s) in order to make the most of visits with providers.

This education will help foster a greater understanding of what is happening within the body and then can help empower oneself to actively manage what may seem uncontrollable.

Education can come in many different forms, from websites, online support groups, webinars, podcasts, books, and more. It is essential to recognize that not everything one reads or consumes is accurate or true.

Knowing where to find quality, accurate health information is important. The United States National Library of Medicine, through MedlinePlus, provides criteria with which one can evaluate whether the content is a good source of information on health-related material.

For example, information from academic institutions, government websites, healthcare systems, medical societies, and non-profits can be a good source for quality health-related information.

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